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Modified Wood

Thermally-modified woods are revolutionizing the lumber industry, offering lightweight durability that simplifies installation for contractors in a wide range of applications, including siding, decking, saunas, and ceilings.

Technical Process

Brazilian Lumber proudly imports Platinum Thermally modified wood, comprising three exceptional species: ash, ayous, and pine. These woods undergo meticulous treatment in European facilities, where a specialized heat treatment process eliminates up to 11% of their moisture and sugar content. The result is a lightweight, durable wood product that is both easy to install and completely free of chemicals—100% natural. This process transforms the wood’s physical properties, enhancing decay resistance while minimizing swelling and shrinking. The newfound durability of thermally-modified woods ensures weather resistance,
resistance to rot, and resilience against termites and insects, making them an ideal choice for outdoor landscaping projects that thrive in diverse weather conditions and require minimal maintenance.

Advantages of Thermally Modified Wood:

100% Natural











Safe Against Infection

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Platinum Woods Thermally Modified


Cladding & Decking





Cladding & Decking

Pine Wood

Platinum Woods | Thermally Modified Ash

Ash, a premium American hardwood native to eastern and central North America, showcases a rich brown hue and exceptional density (1320 on the Janka hardness scale). Distinguished by its unique versatility, this thermally-modified wood species stands apart from other woods because it can be used in both cladding and decking applications for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Beyond decking and cladding, our thermally-modified Ash can be applied for ceilings and soffits, enriching spaces with its distinctive dark charm. At Brazilian Lumber, our thermally-modified Ash comes in 1×6 random lengths and with a 25-year warranty, offering unmatched versatility and timeless elegance for any project.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Dimension: 1×6’ (21x140mm)
Lengths: 4′ – 12′

Platinum Woods | Thermally Modified Ayous

Ayous, a softwood, known as obeche, abachi, and samba, boasts a gentle, pale yellow hue. Its
thermally-modified variant showcases outstanding physical properties, enabling its use in diverse indoor and outdoor applications. This wood, characterized by its softness and lightweight nature, features long, bright lines and maintains its appealing pale yellow color. From walls and ceilings to saunas, thermally-modified Ayous finds its purpose in various settings, radiating sophistication and warmth. At Brazilian Lumber, our thermally-modified Ayous, available in random lengths, light and dark color variations, and backed by a 25-year warranty, embodies unmatched functionality and aesthetic appeal, elevating any indoor or outdoor project.

Light Brown

Light Brown

Warm Honey Shade

Warm Honey Shade

Dimension: 1×6’ (20x140mm) and 2×2’ (40x40mm)
Lengths: 4′ – 12′


Platinum Woods | Thermally Modified Pine

Pine, a native North American softwood, radiates a warm, golden-brown hue infused with subtle reddish and yellowish tones and characterized by its distinctive knot patterns. When subjected to thermal modification, pine’s inherent qualities are enhanced, resulting in a robust and enduring material. Thermally-modified pine becomes a versatile choice, finding its place in various indoor and outdoor applications, including walls, ceilings, and soffits.

At Brazilian Lumber, our thermally-modified pine goes beyond mere functionality by seamlessly blending resilience, elegance, and cost-effectiveness. Backed by a solid 15-year warranty and available in many dimensions and random lengths, it ensures durability and versatility. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy interior space or a captivating outdoor project, our thermally-modified pine stands ready to elevate your vision, while remaining incredibly cost-effective.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Dimension: 5/4×6’
Lengths: 4′ – 12′


Thermally-modified woods are authentic wood varieties subjected to a heat-treatment process that eliminates 95% of their moisture content, altering their physical cellular structure while preserving their chemical composition. This transformation yields a superior, durable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing material suitable for both interior and exterior uses. This process results in wood products that are impervious to warping, resistant to termites, weather elements, and rot, while exuding natural beauty.

Thermally-modified woods are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly due to the non-toxic heat treatment process they undergo. They are highly durable with no tendency to warp, weather-resistant, lightweight for easy installation, and demand minimal maintenance.

Thermally-modified woods are not only non-toxic—no chemicals are employed in the heat treatment process—yet they also exhibit synthetic qualities, boasting superior durability and reduced weight when compared to their conventional wood counterparts, such as cedar, cypress, and non-thermally-modified pine. Furthermore, thermally-modified woods exclusively utilize real woods like ash, ayous, and pine, ensuring that any eventual waste generated remains organic.

Thermally-modified woods boast a naturally beautiful finish, eliminating the necessity for paint or stain. They exhibit enhanced lightweight characteristics and exceptional resistance to both rotting and warping.

Yes, thermally-modified woods are highly versatile and well-suited for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoors, they find excellent use in sidings, ceilings, soffits, sunshades, decking, saunas, and various other applications.

Similar to tropical hardwoods, thermally-modified woods will naturally weather into a gray hue when exposed to sunlight. Moreover, like tropical hardwoods, they require minimal maintenance in comparison to softwoods. To preserve their original color, it’s recommended to apply an oil treatment approximately every 6 months to 1 year, depending on level of sun exposure.

We provide three distinct Thermowood species to cater to various applications and aesthetics: Thermowood Ash, with its rich brown hue, is perfect for walls, ceilings, decking, and pergolas; Thermowood Ayous, available in mid-brown tones in both light and dark options, is suitable for walls, ceilings, and saunas; and Thermowood Pine, offering a warm-golden brown color and featuring a characteristic knot pattern, enhances walls and ceilings with its rustic charm.

Our thermally-modified ash and ayous offerings come backed by a robust 25-year warranty, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Similarly, our thermally-modified pine products offer a 15-year warranty, applicable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Due to their lightweight nature, thermally-modified pine and ayous can be easily installed using nails or screws. Their reduced density makes it less likely for them to split or crack during installation.


Our thermally-modified ash and ayous products have a 25-year warranty for indoor and outdoor applications.
Our thermally-modified pine products have a 15-year warranty for indoor and outdoor applications.

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