The Future of Outdoor Living: 6 Reasons Why Ipe Deck Tiles Are the Next Big Thing

The Future of Outdoor Living: 6 Reasons Why Ipe Deck Tiles Are the Next Big Thing

In the heart of Los Angeles, where outdoor living is more than a trend—it’s a way of life—a new chapter is unfolding in the city’s design landscape. Imagine a space where the vibrant energy of the city seamlessly blends with the tranquility of nature.

This fusion finds its embodiment in ipe deck tiles, a subtle yet powerful addition, reshaping how homeowners and renters alike experience their outdoor havens. In this blog, we unravel the intrinsic appeal of ipe deck tiles, exploring their seamless integration with the Los Angeles lifestyle.

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What Are Ipe Deck Tiles?

Ipe deck tiles are deck tiles made of one of the densest woods on the planet, ipe. Ipe is a tropical hardwood that has a Janka hardness rating of 3,510, according to The Wood Database. With the Janka hardness scale ranging from 0 to 4,000, ​​ipe deck tiles not only promise enduring beauty but also provide individuals with a durable and long-lasting platform for any outdoor space.

Ipe deck tiles are semi-permanent and can be installed in the same way a puzzle is connected. Each deck tile has 4 pre-drilled holes, with one on each corner of the tile. Whoever is installing just needs to put the connector into the hole and continue the process with each deck tile and connector.

The installation process is simple, efficient, and can be completed by nearly anyone. Similarly, the uninstallation process requires a person to take the installation steps backward. Ipe deck tiles can come in different dimensions. At Brazilian Lumber, we have deck tiles in a 24” x 24” dimension and 24” x 48” dimension, so each deck tile covers 4 square feet and 8 square feet, respectively. 

Ipe deck tiles are special for many reasons. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s dig deeper into the unique qualities that make ipe deck tiles Brazilian Lumber’s chosen product of the year.

6 Unbeatable Benefits of Ipe Deck Tiles

1. Renter-Friendly Marvels:

In a city that embraces constant change and diversity, the flexibility of ipe deck tiles mirrors the spirit of its residents. For those residing in high-rise apartments, these tiles offer an opportunity to personalize their balconies and rooftops effortlessly.

But their applications don’t just stop there. Individuals renting houses with big backyards can use the deck tiles to create beautiful and vast decks. According to updated statistics from July 2023 conducted by Rent Cafe, 63% of Los Angeles residents rent rather than own their homes.

Consequently, many Los Angeles residents move to new homes and apartments annually. But it can be difficult to justify spending a lot of money and time building a beautiful wood deck for your outdoor living space if you plan on moving to a new home in a year or two.

Ipe deck tiles solve this problem by giving you, the renter, the opportunity to invest in your outdoor living spaces while knowing that you may shortly move to a new place and want to take your tiles with you. Since they’re removable, the installation and uninstallation require only a simple process and give you the opportunity to pack up your deck tiles for your next home.

More than that, ipe deck tiles can go on any existing surface—whether that’s grass, concrete, wood, or carpet. Ipe deck tiles make an old space vibrant and exciting. The ability to transform these spaces without any permanent alterations caters perfectly to the evolving needs and tastes of the city’s dynamic population.

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2. Low Maintenance, High Appeal:

Los Angeles, with its sun-soaked days and occasional rain showers, demands outdoor solutions that can endure diverse weather conditions, according to the LA Times. Ipe deck tiles, with their natural resilience to rot and weathering, embody the low-maintenance, high-appeal ethos.

They allow LA residents to enjoy the outdoors without the constant worry of upkeep, freeing up time for impromptu picnics at Griffith Park or leisurely strolls along the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Ipe deck tiles will last several decades with minimal maintenance. Although ipe deck tiles won’t decay or rot because of their high density, they will fade into a gray color if exposed to sun. Many resorts and public spaces around the world let ipe decking and deck tiles fade into a gray color, which is just as beautiful, but if you’d like to keep the rich brown color of ipe, there is a simple solution.

All you need is to oil your deck tiles every 6 months to a year, and the color will remain the beautiful rich brown hue you like. At Brazilian Lumber, we recommend Ipe Oil and Penofin as two great UV-protection oils for wood decking.

3. Longevity Redefined:

In a city marked by its constant evolution, longevity takes on a special significance. Ipe deck tiles, crafted from robust hardwood, symbolize enduring quality. Their ability to withstand the wear and tear of bustling city life ensures that your outdoor space remains a reliable retreat amid the urban hustle.

Similar to normal ipe decking and siding, ipe deck tiles will last decades without the constant worry that you will have to replace them, which unfortunately comes with many traditional woods. Although ipe deck tiles may seem like a big investment, they will provide you with a great return on investment because of their unmatched durability and longevity.

4. Effortless Installation:

Time is a precious commodity in major cities like Los Angeles, and ipe deck tiles respect that. Their easy installation process aligns with the city’s fast-paced lifestyle, offering a swift makeover for outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a last-minute barbecue or a spontaneous yoga session in the backyard, these tiles adapt to the rhythm of city living.

All you have to do is follow a very simple installation method: Put the prongs on the connector into each corner of the deck tile and continue the process until you have used all your deck tiles and connector. If your outdoor living space requires half a tile for the last row of tiles to fit perfectly, you can easily cut the tiles to fit the space with a saw.

On the outermost layer of the deck tile space, you can simply cut the connectors in half so none are showing. And, if you’re looking to elevate the surface, you can use deck tile pedestals to do so. This DIY installation process is one that most people can learn and replicate in their own homes!

5. Sustainability at Its Core:

The city of Los Angeles has a plethora of individuals deeply committed to sustainability. More than that, the city itself is deeply committed to incorporating more sustainability programs, as it builds towards a greener future. Sourced responsibly, these tiles echo the city’s green initiatives.

Brazilian Lumber ipe and other tropical hardwoods are directly imported from South America and are FSC-certified, which means the appropriate steps have been taken to responsibly harvest and replant the wood you are buying.

By choosing Brazilian Lumber ipe deck tiles, you not only enhance your space but also contribute to the preservation of nature, embodying the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship. 

6. Unparalleled Strength and Comfort:

In a city that values resilience and comfort, ipe deck tiles offer a sanctuary. Their remarkable strength ensures a surface that is both safe and comfortable, whether you’re hosting a gathering with your loved ones under the stars or enjoying a quiet evening with a good book.

Because they are made from ipe, Brazilian Lumber ipe deck tiles are also scratch, splinter, rot, warp, and weather-resistant, meaning children can run around without parents having to worry their kids will injure themselves from splinters or rotting wood, according to Mataverde.

This balance of durability and coziness transforms your outdoor space into an oasis of calm within the city’s vibrant rhythm. From a cozy rooftop fireplace to creating an inviting atmosphere or a beautiful deck surrounding a pool for kids to enjoy, ipe deck tiles open endless possibilities for comfort, enjoyment, and memory-building. 

Let your space reflect the city’s dynamic spirit, where nature and urbanity harmonize effortlessly. With just a subtle transformation, you can effortlessly make your rooftop, balcony, deck, or any other outdoor space your new favorite spot in your house.

Ipe deck tiles are not only functional and aesthetic, but also durable and environmentally friendly. Embrace the future of outdoor living in Los Angeles with ipe deck tiles!

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